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"Plan your trip with us"
Evocations Endlessly

"Agar firdous bar rooz-e-zameen ast, hameen ast-o hameen ast-o hameen ast" which means if there is a paradise on earth it's here it's here it's here Nature has endowed Kashmir with implausible beauty and rightly called PARADISE ON EARTH.


Kashmir is resplendent with stunning apples, tulips,Daisy, saffron,lal mirch and chinar trees that turns  the entire valley yellow and red when the autumn arrives .Silver lakes that turn golden at the crack of dawn and crystal blue rivers that are sourced from the icy mountains.The blue scenes and the unspoiled nature provide such a mesmerizing veiw that a person feels that he has come into the another world.

Beautiful Destination

Are you looking for some adventure to spice up your life or a much needed holiday to connect with nature? We have just the right trip ideas for you! From adventurous ski trips and treks to much needed holidays in Kashmir, we have got you covered. The Meraki Wonders offers a wide range of travel packages to suit your every need. Our motto is to provide you with the best possible experience of Kashmir.

What Can You Do With Us

Old Srinagar patrimony walk.

Trek through the gorgeous mountain slopes, passes and valleys of Kashmir with us!


Pony Ride Voyaging

Pony riding or horse riding is a popular tourist's activity in Kashmir. Tourists can find horse (ponies) in popular holiday resorts


Shikara ride 

Enjoy the slow boat ride in Dal lake while basking in the glory of natural beauty and rich culture.

Why Kashmir Is Called The Paradise On Earth

The Reason Is :-

  •   Beautiful landscapes  

  •   lush green valleys  

  •   Tulips gardens  

  •   Warm and friendly locals  

  •   Beautiful dazzling lakes  

  •   Adventure hubs  

  •   House Boats  

Image by Aman Krishna
Untouched Natural Beauty. Rich Heritage. Unmatched Hospitality
Come See Kashmir With Us
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