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Didi ka dabba is one of the early initiatives of The Helpbox Foundation. It has two primary objectives. One is to provide food at affordable prices to regular office going people. Second is to empower households engaged in business of preparation and distribution of food by providing them with regular food orders to achieve the first objective Quality and affordability are the two main principles we intend to follow.

We aim to empower woman through employment as employed woman are self-reliant and strong which is necessary for a healthy society. We need to encourage woman towards Aatmanirbharta. We aim to make the women Aatmnirbhar, As Aatmanirbhar women is starting of Aatmnirbhar society.

Women in our society have always been axis of the family structure.  Historically, they have been self-reliant and strong, and hence the family, the society remained strong.They were always the first proponents of cooperative business, such as Lizzat papad or Amul and many before these.In course of centuries, gradual decline of this self-reliance of Indian women due to external factors has impacted the social structure also.This we intend to do without hindering their family duties by involving them business which would be effortless.



This foundation firmly believes in the philosophy of ‘Nobody should be Hungry’. We intend to do our bit through this initiative, by donating meals to needy people, especially children, as healthy children are happy children and happy children means a happy society in future.


It is our AIM that no human should sleep hungry. This will be one of our initiatives to strengthen our society. Good food is the right of every child and we are working in the same direction



Another novel initiative of the foundation, through this we aim to share books and hence knowledge, with those who seek it but cannot afford it. Books are an excellent medium to inculcate values in children, widen one’s perspective in adults.  


Book is like a treasure of knowledge and gifting a book is a kind act. Not every child in villages can buy book on their own. So getting an idea from this point, we as a team took this initiative to donate book either related to syllabus or others to needy kids.



In this initiative, we distribute the sanitary pads to the females of rural areas or those who can afford to buy it. Usage of cloth instead of pads cause many incurable diseases to females of which they are unaware. They must be taught about it. So the team members held many camps where they tell about personal hygiene, sanitation, diseases etc. especially during periods. It is very important for every woman to take special care of her during her period. A health woman makes a health society.



This initiative is to spread awareness about health & hygiene, sanitation, livelihood, education, nutrition etc. We also inform about Government Schemes and programs made welfare of the people to citizens. The team members visit various places and check the need of organizing a camp, if yes then on what topic, and subsequently a full-fledged camp is organised by experts in the subject matter.

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