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Looking For a Career Change?

A stable career is out there. We will help you get it! To Choose Your Level Best  Dream Career.

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Structured digital interviews increase the predictive validity of your hires by 65%.

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JMD pitch your profile to employers for jobs you’ll love -so you stand out-and these companies can reach out to you directly.

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No more filling out lengthy applications! Once JMD has your key info, you can apply to most jobs with one click.

Who We Are
The Best Job Board Around. 

We have real-world experience in finding people jobs, assisting companies fill positions and helping foreign residents adjust to life in Japan. Our multinational team can create effective strategies for clients that want to connect with their target demographic in Japan.


To our clients, we are a trusted partner, invested in supporting their business and delivering qualified candidates quickly. To our staff, we are a supportive employer, ensuring the best possible work experience that’s in line with their goals and needs. To everyone we work with, we are committed to providing high-quality service over the long term.

For employers
Trust is everything

We are the foreign community’s No. 1 resource for finding jobs and information on living your best life in Japan. Many Companies from the technology sector — trust JDM Staffing to find skilled IT engineers, project managers, and back office staff on a contract basis. We offer a range of staffing solutions to help companies meet their hiring requirements.

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For Jobseekers
Always on the lookout

We aim to align each jobseeker’s aspirations with the most suitable position for them. Candidates with a background in technology or experience in back-office roles who are looking for work or for a new challenge  are always welcome to contact us at JMD Staffing.

Find out more about what we can do for you
What Our Customers Say About Us

I just got a job that I applied for via JMD Staffing ! I used the site all the time during my job hunt.

" Haruki "

It has always been a pleasure to work with JMD Staffing, We have been able to achieve tremendous results in Japan as a result of this partnership.

" Haruki "
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is Haken Employment
    It is the Japanese word for temporary employment, where a staffing agency, such as JMD Staffing, dispatches employees to client companies on a contract basis. While haken staff report to their supervisor at the company, they have an employment contract with the staffing agency. The staffing agency pays the employee’s salary and provides social benefits.
  • What are some of the benefits JMD Staffing provides?
    We provide a variety of benefits, including: • social and health insurance coverage • travel expenses • visa application sponsorships • Japanese or English translation/interpretation support • training in a variety of areas, such as IT, software, and language • support for obtaining certain certifications relating to career advancement
  • Can I become permanent employee after starting out on an taken contract?
    Yes. There is a chance that you could be asked to become a permanent employee at the client company. If that is something you would be interested in pursuing, Spotted Staffing will happily support you throughout the transition process.
  • What is temp-to-perm contract?
    It is a type of contract that starts out as haken and potentially leads to a permanent position in six months or less. It gives candidates the opportunity to experience work at a company and get a strong sense of its culture before possibly being offered a full-time role at the company.
  • How do I register with JMD Staffing
    After you give us some basic information about yourself — through our Contact page, by e-mail, or over the phone — a JMD Staffing consultant will set up a meeting with you to find out, in detail, about your work experience, your goals, and your expectations. We will also use the meeting to assess some of your skills. Registration is complete at the end of this meeting. We will then inform you about different positions, based on your interest and skill levels, as they become available. If you choose to apply for a position with a client company and are given an offer following an interview, you will then sign an employment contract with JMD Staffing and start working as a haken employee at the client company.
  • Can I register if I am a student?
    At JMD Staffing, we mostly support candidates with several years of work experience. We would ask that only mid-career jobseekers register.
  • What type of positions does JMD staffing specialise in filling
    At JMD Staffing, our focus is on skilled workers in the IT field — such as IT engineers, IT architects, program managers, product managers, and project managers — as well as back office staff. We work with both Japanese and non-Japanese client firms, so you may have a chance to use your English or Japanese language skills at the company where you are placed.
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