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Permanent VISA
Permanent VISA

A PR visa, or Permanent Resident Visa, allows you to travel to a nation, stay for a period of time, and then seek for citizenship. In some countries, obtaining a PR visa eventually leads to citizenship.

PR visa gives them a sense of security during their stay and provides them with perks that they would not have if they were on a temporary visa.

Except for the right to vote, take a political position, or hold critical government positions, a PR visa holder will have most of the benefits that a citizen of the country has.

What does Permanent Residence in Japan grant you? 

By obtaining permanent residency in Japan, you are granted the availability of preferential and more advantageous treatment. You would instantly get more benefits as compared to foreign nationals with other statuses of residence. With a permanent resident visa, you will no longer have any restrictions on a certain status holder’s activities or periods of stay.
To sum up, the benefits of being a Permanent Resident include the following:

  • No restrictions to engaging in any kind of employment or activities

  • No need for visa renewal, because the Permanent Resident visa allows an unlimited duration of stay

  • Easier to get public housing loans or financing from a bank

Who is eligible to apply for Permanent Residence in Japan?

There are mainly 4 categories of people who are eligible to apply for the Permanent Resident visa.

  1. Foreign nationals who have lived in Japan for 10 years or more

  2. Foreign nationals who have a spouse of Japanese Nationality

  3. Foreign nationals who have lived in Japan for 3 years or more, and scored a minimum of 70 points on the Highly Skilled Foreign Professional scale*

  4. Foreign nationals who have lived in Japan for 1 year or more, and scored a minimum of 80 points on the Highly Skilled Foreign Professional scale*

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Documents needed for Permanent Residency Application

Once you have scored enough points under the HSP scale, you can proceed with applying for the Permanent Resident visa in Japan. 

The following consists of the documents you will need for your application and for proving your scored points:

  • Permanent Residence application form

  • 4cm x 3cm photo

  • Certificate of residence

  • Proof of employment

  • Proof of income

  • Copy of ID page in passport

  • Copy of front and back of residence card

  • Tax records from the past 3 years

  • Copy of bank statement

  • Copy of relevant degrees 

  • Copy of relevant JLPT certificate

  • Guarantor letter (your guarantor must be of Japanese nationality)

  • Guarantor employment certificate

  • Guarantor proof of income

  • Guarantor residence certificate

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