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For Employers

Connect with the right candidates faster.

What we do
JMD Staffing is a fully licensed haken recruitment firm.
We are ready to support your company by:
  • Hiring Haken temporary employment

  • Recruitment process outsourcing

  • Temp-to-Perm

  • Gyomu-itaku Outsource Contracting

Over 20 years in the jobs market has provided with an extensive database of more than 50,000  bilingual job seekers.

Over 8,000 companies have turned to our job services for our specialized recruitment solutions in Japan. Firms looking to fill crucial positions that require Japanese and English (or other language) skills rely on the ability of our employment services to provide just the right people for the positions they need to fill.

Haken temporary employment

Haken temporary staffing or temporary agency work in Japan. In Japan, the term "Haken" refers to temporary workers who are employed through staffing agencies and are placed in various companies to fill short-term or seasonal positions. These temporary workers are not directly employed by the companies where they work but are contracted through the staffing agency.

Recruitment process outsourcing

JMD Staffing’s recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) service provides you with an experienced hiring professional, as a haken employee with a fixed-term contract, who will work alongside you on-site. This allows you to hire the excellent human resources you need, but not have to bear the cost of another full-time employee on your payroll.


If you are looking to fill a permanent position, but would like time to make sure an employee is well-suited to the job and your company’s culture, JMD Staffing’s temp-to-perm offering gives you the option to work with someone for up to six months before hiring them full time.

Gyomu-itaku Outsource Contracting

When your company has a project that needs to be done on time and within budget, we can handle its execution by hiring the engineers, tech specialists, or other necessary positions to make sure this happens.

These employees, who report to a project manager at JMD Staffing, will be fully engaged in bringing your project to a successful completion.

Roles we fill include
  • Infrastructure Engineers

  • Software Engineers

  • IT Architects

  • Project Managers

  • Customer & Technical Support

Back office
  • Accountants

  • Secretaries and Personal Assistants

  • Office Managers

  • Sales Assistants

  • Translators and Interpreters

  • Recruiters

  • HR Specialists

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