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Connect with the right candidates faster.

What we do
Services & Support

We’ve helped thousands of companies recruit foreign staff for a wide range of jobs.

When you connect with us at JMD Staffing, we listen. We want to hear about your experience, your goals, and what matters most to you. After signing up and completing your profile, we'll start matching you with our exclusive database of opportunities.

  • Hand-picked opportunities

  • Expert matchmaking

  • Validated companies

Before you’re hired
We ask all the questions before you do.

At JMD Staffing, we know that it’s important to give you a clear overview of everything you would want to know about a job before you accept an offer. So, we don’t just find out about the basics — such as working hours, location, and responsibilities of the role — we also learn about the working environment, the company culture, and what your supervisor and coworkers are like, to give you a real sense of where you will be working.

JMD Staffing provides the comprehensive support you need even before you’re offered a job. We can help you create your resume and practice for your interview. When negotiating terms for a position, we’ll also try to match your expectations for salary whenever possible.

After you’re hired
As our employee, we support you with all of your work-related needs.

In addition to covering social and health insurance, we pay for your travel expenses and can sponsor visa applications. If you need Japanese translation support or help understanding documents written in Japanese, our bilingual staff members are always happy to assist you.

JMD Staffing consultants regularly follow up with you to ensure everything is going smoothly in your position. We will also arrange for any required training to help you improve your skills or learn new ones required for the job.

When it comes to our employees, we always follow the Golden Rule and treat our people as we want to be treated.

Haken and Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Once you’re dispatched in a haken capacity, you’ll be reporting to someone on-site at the company. If there are any issues that arise, someone from JMD Staffing will readily speak with the firm on your behalf to ensure the matter is resolved quickly and amicably. We are always there for our employees.

Business Process Outsourcing

Through JMD Staffing’s business process outsourcing service, we take on entire business functions — including software development, tech support, and call center operations. Become an important part of a company’s essential work.


Some of the positions that JMD Staffing can offer are on a temporary-to-permanent track. This gives you up to six months to find out about the company, its culture, and the role first-hand before potentially being offered a permanent position on staff.

Gyomu-itaku Outsource Contracting

With gyomu-itaku contracts, JMD Staffing will hire you to work on a project where you will act as a subcontractor for us. You can put your tech, engineering, or back-office skills to use in different contexts, with the flexibility you want.

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