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VARLAKSHMI MICRO SERVICES FEDERATION was incorporated under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013 (18 of 2013) the company is limited by shares.


Currently, We operate in rural, semi urban & most backward districts of four states: Punjab, Haryana, U.P & Bihar, and are working on expanding our services across the country. Since the beginning, we have realized that illiteracy, illness & inaccesibility to financial services are major impediments in breaking inter-generational poverty. Therefore, VARLAKSHMI MICRO SERVICES FEDERATION has a holistic approach in achieving the mission & vision by providing different nature of services.

Our Mission

Varlakshmi’s mission is to build the field of community development finance in India, to help its members and associate institutions to better serve the low income households, particularly women, in both rural and urban India in their quest for establishing stable livelihoods and improving the quality of life.

Our Vision

The vision of Varlakshmi’s is to see that through microfinance interventions, path to prosperity is paved by creating opportunities for self reliance of Women and men in rural and semi urban India, living below the poverty line so that they are able to face the realities of life with pride and confidence.

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Joint Liability Group Loan 
  Mahila Pragati Loan 

This is designed to extend loan facilities to women, with the objective of helping them meet their financial needs. A primary reason for this loan is to make women self-reliant by encouraging them.

Small Start-up Assistance For Entrepreneurs

With these loans, people are equipped with the abilities to make something for their future and to improve their standard of living. Also it bestows upon them the responsibility of making their own decisions and controlling their fate.

Personal loan

These loans help people to meet their current financial needs, for any purpose and encompass solutions that are designed to cater the varying needs of personal segments.

Top up Loan

Top up loan is a loan that allows you to borrow a certain amount of money over and above your original loan. It is a simple way to borrow more in a time of need.

Emergency Loan

Emergency Loan is a loan that helps you with cash in emergency situations. People typically need these loans right away to cover unexpected payments or events that could put continuity of life or business at risk

Seasonal Loan
(Agriculture & Education)

Seasonal loan refers to financing that can be repaid according to a agriculture's peak season and cash flow, when you're earning a return on your harvest.




Technical Partners

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Digital Partners

Credit Bureau

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I feel Varlakshmi is my extended family as they blessed me with an opportunity by providing me loan for setting up a vegetable shop. I feel I have come a long way from where I started. Thanks a lot Varlakshmi.

Image by Atharva Tulsi


I have always faced a financial crunch due to my husband’s limited income.  I took inspiration from a few working women in the neighborhood and started basket business with the help of Varlakshmi, which helped shape my family's future.

  • On the spot Loan Status:
    The loan approval process for Varlakshmi Micro Finance Joint Liability Group (JLG) or for individuals is transparent and its status is provided on-the-spot using smart technology.
  • Minimum Documentation:
    JLG Microfinance applicants who fulfil basic KYC requirements and have a group guarantee, get on-the-spot indication of loan approval status, by our team and a very less documentation for individual borrowers.
  • Easy Borrowing and Repayment:
    Disbursement of the loan aside all interactions between Varlakshmi Micro and our customers take place conveniently, at the residence or workplace of our customers.
  • Digital Payment:
    Payment of all types of loans is directly transferred to the bank account of the borrower. Borrowers can also pay their loan EMI digitally.
  • Reasonable Interest and Charges:
    We provide loans with very reasonable interest and nominal charges to our barrowers, as decided by our management while keeping in mind the guidelines issued by the RBI.


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Registered & Corporate Office


367, M S Enclave, Near Shiv Mandir,

Dhakauli, SAS Nagar, 

Punjab, India, 140603

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