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Image by Hermes Rivera

Immigration Program

  • If you are a Canadian Citizen or Permanent resident of Canada, over the age of 18, residing in Canada and HAVE THE NECESSARY INCOME IN THE LAST 12MONTHS and you are ready to give undertaking to provide for their basic requirement, you can sponsor your:

  • Parents, Grand parents, adopted children and

  • Brother or sister, nephew, niece, grandchildren who is under 18 and not married.


  • When you sponsor your parents you can sponsor your brother and sister who are underage of 22 or over 22 but they are in full time education at the university or over 22 but financially dependent on your parents due to physical problem.

  • If you are in default of previous sponsorship, have deportation order against you, you are inprison, un-discharged bankrupt, convicted of sexual or serious criminal offences – you can not sponsor your family members.

  • The sponsor in Canada makes the first sponsorship applicationand once the application is approved in Canada, an immigration application has to be made to the visa office abroad.

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